Gowtham Menon and Dhanush????



Here Dhanush and Gowtham Menon finally on the same track. As we followed, Gowtham Menon has a script for Ajith then he withdrew it and gone to Surya with the same story and that was on the talk lately. That movie was titled as as ‘Ennai Nokki Paayum Thotta’ . That was his dream script and he was waited for a long for Ajith’s call sheet. Once a while he drop his idea and approached Surya and Surya had a strong quiet to Gowtham Menon.

Then now finally Gowtham and Met in a function then Dhanush asked Gowtham for join venture. Initially Gowtham said a romantic script and dhanush also accepted it. To the next day Gowtham had a call from Dhanush and asked the as ‘Ennai Nokki Paayum Thotta’ like Dhanush wanted to produce. Gowtham explained the script then Dhanush got impressed on the script and he himself wanted to act in that movie, finally both going to join first time with Gowtham’s dream script. Dhanush said “This is One of the best script i have come across in my entire career”

They changed the Title as “Enmel Paayum Thottaa”.  We are expecting combo of Dhanush and Gowtham Menon will bring us a worthy entertainment.

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