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Irudhi Suttru Movie Review

Irudhi Suttru movie has released on 29th Jan 2016, Madhavan played a lead role as a boxing coach and Ritika Singh played a lead actress role then Nassar played a an important role along with others. This movie has Directed by Sudha Kongara who made her first tamil movie named Dhrohi.



Ritika singh


Mumtaz Sorcar


Direction: Sudha Kongara

Screenplay: Sudha Kongara, Sunanda Raghunathan

Story: Sudha Kongara

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Background score: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: Shivakumar Vijayan

Dialogues: Arun Matheeshwaran

Editing: Satisan Surya

Art direction: Santhanam

Stunt Master: Stunner Sam, Tom Delmer

Lyrics: Muthamil, Vivek

Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment,Y Not Studios 

Distribution: UTV Motion Pictures.

Irudhi Suttru is movie which is going grab all of the young women’s attention, there is no doubt in that, this the first tamil movie which says the challenges a women boxer being facing on their daytoday life. Where the Director of this movie is a women, Sudha Kongara has made this film to empower the women participation in sport like boxing as like men. She  tried and proved it in this movie. This movie is brave and legit one in her film list.

Welcome back madhavan, as a smart, manly and aswell a good realistic actor, madhavan once again he proved himself in Irudhi Suttru, he have given his energitic and optimistic performance through out the movie, it show he have grown very much in acting, he made  a lot of effort for this movie such as he build his body and learnt boxing. As to the actress Ritika Singh is a real boxer who was called for the act in Irudhi Suttru. She  the most brightest star in Irudhi Suttru. As boxer she performed down to the core and aswell she carries a emotional and love very well to the audience.

Irudhi Suttru is a generic sport oriented movie which holds Madhavan and Rithika Singh along with the extremely worked out screenplay of Sudha Kongara.  This movie tells about the relationship between the student and the coach, but heee we can see the emotional carry over between the student and coach, which leads to a love. Sudha made this film as a non typical and as well generic. Appreciated!!!

The cinematographer Shivakumar Vijayan never forget to captured tiny details of the frame. He have given his 100% involvement to bring out the energitic feel to story and its caracters among the situations which we are seeing in the screen. Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM is very much handful to the movie, song are used to carry the screenplay along with, nicely composed. Satisan Surya’s cut are notable especially in the fight sequence.

Nassar and Radharavi have fiven their strong support to the story. Nassar stands in his stunning performance. Kaali  Vankat’s timing comedies are makes us laugh out and gives good humor sense.

As a combined hard work from the Madhavan, Ritika Singh, Sudha Kongara, Sivakumar Vijayan, Satis Surya and Santhost Narayan this movie became a decent blend of good movie. Sudha kongara takes all the credits because as a women she is getting respect for bringing out Irudhi Suttru as a successful movie. Definitely Irudhi Suttru is must watchable.

Kudos for  ^Ritika^Madhavan^Sudha kongara


Trailer of Irudhi Suttru:

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