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Malai Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Review

malai nerathu mayakkam

Malai Nerathu Mayakkam


Balakrishna kola, Wamiqa Gabbi, Parvathy Nair, kalyani Natarajan…


Direction: Githanjali Selvaraghavan

Writer: Selvaraghavan

Music and Background score: Amrit

Cinematography: Sridhar

Editor: Vasanth Rukesh

Production company: Beeptone Studios,  kancharala Pardha Saradhi

Genre: Romance

malai nerathu mayakkam movie review
This is an another movie which joins to the after marriage life between two unmatched husband and wife story kind of movies.

This movie is directed by well known tamil movie director Selvaraghavan, hold on the director of this movie Malai Nerathu Mayakkam has directed by his own wife Githanjali Selvaraghavan and not more surprisingly the movie has written by Selvaraghavan, here all we are had a very high expectations from Selvaraghavan about what he going to bring after his Irandam Ulagam, Malai Narathu Mayakkam is a complete Selvaraghavan style movie which holds all of his signatures, which all like the hero character prabhu which remembers all of his “Selvaraghavan’s typical heros in look and attitude” especially their beards, so this movie is a complete pack of two player game.

One side is the guy who Prabhu and girl Manoja are a incompatible couple had get into a arranged marriage. After marriage girl loves but the guy wasn’t giving any love to her, we have seem this kind of movies a lot but this movie also forwarding to the happy ending with the quality of Selvaraghavan’s pen nib leading to, colors of the movie was beautifully drawn out by the cinematographer Sridhar and he did his job very nicely, especially in the love conveying scenes he brought up the excellent texture to the frame, he showed his hype in capturing the colors of dark emotions,the Malai Nerathu Mayakkam which will lead by the the background scores which all delightfully composed by Amrith.

By means of good music Malai Nerathu Mayakkam managed its journey as a love story. Music tied up the screenplay to the blended with romantic feel as well. All over this is a movie we can add it to another kind of Selvaraghavan’s movie list like 7g Rainbow colony and Kadhal konden.

This is a movie which hasn’t bent much but as a dramatized, very less characters may be can’t able to lift it up high but they had did their job very well, this movie is completely take over by the acting of Balakrishna Kola and Wamiqa Gabbi. These two played their role to the upper hand and added a special add on to the movie. Especially Wamiqa Gabbi played his role as sad faced was helped to establishing the real world attitude of un happy of a arranged married life of a indian girl, as well as Balakrishna Kola as Prabhu also played his role very well.

At the end of the review this movie is pillared by Selvaraghavan.

It is a watchable movie which is pretty much good for all aged 18 to 35 then specially young and newly married then more to IT professionals.

Simple story , new-age emotions selvaraghavan writing, good performance from new comers, they could have concentrated on quality of making.

Rating: 2.75/5


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